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02.02.2020 (Sunday)
2:30PM & 5PM
Leanne Nicholls producer & playwright
Ernesto Corpus set & lighting designer
Jordan Cheng actor
Brandon Lam piano
Beverly Leung piano
Tehmine Schaeffer soprano
Thomas Bloch glass harmonica
Amelia Chan violin
Anthony Wong clarinet
Vahan Mardirossian chief conductor
A sumptuous eighteenth century style costume set sets the scene for this fascinating account of the world’s greatest musical prodigy. Magnificent Mozart draws on animated storytelling and exhilarating music to highlight Mozart’s extraordinary achievements, his originality and his quirky sense of humour. The programme includes Mozart’s first compositions, serenades for frivolous parties, the spectacular Queen of the Night aria and a rare piece composed for the glassharmonica!
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K525*
Menuett for Piano, K.1
Symphony No.1, K.16*
Concerto for Violin No.5, Turkish, K.219*
Divertimento, K.136*
A Musical Joke, K.522*
March (The Marriage of Figaro, K492)*
Concerto for Piano No.17, K.453*
Concerto for Clarinet, K.622*
Adagio and Rondo for Glass Harmonica, K617
Symphony No.40, K550*
The Queen of the Night Aria (The Magic Flute, K620)
Symphony No.29, K201*   
* selected excerpts or movements only     
Tickets: $450 $350 $250

Running time is 70 minutes without an intermission. Narrated in English.