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Media Room : Press Quotes, Reviews and Articles

June 2016
Richard Galliano (Review)
Judging from the fervant reactions of the audience, Galliano & CCOHK gave them a unforgettable musical night.
Ka-man Choi, IATC

April 2016
Branford Marsalis (Review)
Featuring crossover soloists seems to be a City Chamber Orchestra specialty, and the enthusiastic response to Marsalis's Hong Kong debut should encourage them to stick with it.
South China Morning Post

April 2016
Branford Marsalis (Review)
A spirited performance
South China Morning Post

December 2015
Charlie Siem (Review)
The fourth movement was performed so well that the audience was clearly impressed by CCOHK
Edison Hung

July 2015
Bug Symphony (Review)

CCOHK not only positions itself as an orchestra, but is capable of successfully collaborating with other talented artists and production crew in theatre to great effect

Jane Tang, Hong Kong Economic Journal

April 2015
Sarah Chang (Review)
Highly extremely heart-warming and brilliant intrepretation
Kelly Chu, Singtao Daily

February 2015
Julian & Jiaxin Lloyd Webber (Review)
The strings sounded delicious, with a characteristic mellow English sweetness.
South China Morning Post

May 2013
Dame Evelyn Glennie (Review)
City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong’s four-item programme – by turns pastiche, inventive, cerebral and jocular – featured the celebrated percussionist and the orchestra. The string players radiated a rare warmth in tone; while the brass made attractive contributions.
South China Morning Post

May 2013
English Recorder Concertos (Review)
This is a first-rate disc; recording and visual presentation are impressive, the orchestral playing decisive yet sympathetic and the three works form a wonderfully contrasted programme. Michala Petri`s playing, it goes without saying, is impeccable and her music interpretation vivid.
Andrew Mayes, The Recorder Magazine

March 2013
Flamenco Classico (Review)
The overwhelming response from the audience was testament to the success of the whole programme.

Operating an orchestra these days is not an easy task. It is also not easy to come up with brand new ideas that audiences will accept, even if it means collaborations that put the orchestra less in the limelight. This idea and approach sometimes works in our lives...
Mr. Magazine